Monday, April 9, 2007

13 TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Cancelled - My Take

Check out the great article at Tubewad, 13 TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Cancelled.

This is always a favorite topic of discussion for me. And I am glad to see that others out there agree with me.

Firefly: One of the most promising SciFi shows to come along. Fantastic characters and interesting storylines. These guys are the ultimate underdogs. On the run, short on supplies, few friends in sight. If the network would have just given Joss Whedon a break and stayed out of the creative side, this show would still be going strong. We might not have Battlestar Galactica, but we wouldn't miss it either.

Dead Like Me: I can't remember anything else like it. I was about to cancel most of my movie channels before I saw the first episode. Well several years now have passed and I still have movie channels because of what may possibly be shown. Yeah the show probably got picked up because of Six Feet Under. Shows about the dead were cool. But this shows up, and even though there is dead people, the show is about life. It makes you want to be alive when you see what these people have lost and yet try to hold on to.

Brisco County Jr., Andy Richter Controls the Universe, and The Tick knew that campy shows can work. We just haven't had any on the air in so long, it confuses TV executives. They just don't know how to market these shows. But thats the whole point, you don't have to market them as much, just find a place for them and let them grow on their own. The audience is there and there are advertisers that want that audience.

Sports Night: One of the most intelligent shows about something that in concept is incredibly dumb. I like sports, but they are still just games. Yet when your job is to report on sports, its the most important thing in the world to you. Fantastic writing. And if possible one of the best ensemble casts ever.

Doctor Who: The movie that was talked about in the article nearly killed a 40 year long powerhouse show. Its the most watched Sci Fi show ever, but because it was shown to most Americans on Public Broadcasting its easily forgotten. I'm glad its back and I hope it stays around for a long long time.

Missing from their article:

Wonderfalls: This show was probably the only show I know that was damaged more by Fox than even Firefly. All the same problems happened. Episodes shown out of order and shuffled around in the schedule. It was never given a chance. Like Dead Like Me and Sports Night, it had a great ensemble cast and outstanding writing. But the audience was never allowed to see Wonderfalls. Go catch it on DVD. You will thank me for it.

Marriot Introduce the First 'Ultra-Adaptable' Hotel Rooms

Its nice to see hotels actually waking up and giving geek travelers the features they want in a hotel room. There never seem to be enough power outlets to try and keep your things in one place. I've had to move the TV just to get to power outlets to charge my phone. Good job Marriott, I'll be seeing you.

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Here's the new blog. May it not suffer the same fate as others.

Welcome to yet another probably failed attempt at a blog for me. But this time its hooked into Digg so I might actually write about things.

If you're here I have to either assume you know who I am or that you are really searching the depths of the internet to try and find the last opinion that should count. Thats one of the reasons that I chose this name for my blog. Bizzare Ramblings of a Fool (Yes I know that Bizzare is spelled wrong, but it still looks right and shouldn't bizarre have more than one Z and why does it need two R's anyway.) is where I will hopefully spout my theories on why the world is the way it is, yell at the morons who think they know better than me, and maybe even occasionally tell a joke. Or I will forget all about it in a day or two and I will hold a really cool URL on Blogger.