Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Back in July Kira and I participated in a Chocolate Walking Tour of San Francisco. I have always thought of San Francisco as a Seafood Town and had considered places like Hershey, PA to be Chocolate Towns. I didn't have any idea of what we were going to see or do, but thought that a walk around San Francisco would be fun and if they happened to have chocolate then it would be a lot of fun.  It was a whirlwind of chocolate history (and tastings) from around the world. San Francisco seems to have every kind of chocolate imaginable within a few short blocks.

The first stop on the tour was a place called Scharffen Berger. They gave us a quick education about their company and products and then out came the tasting samples. Wow. I wasn't tasting chocolate. There were berries and flowers and other unrecognizable tastes happening. I was amazed. I was hooked. Over the next few hours I experienced more of the same. My life was changed in a very good way.

Fast forward several months to today. I have tried chocolate from all over the world now. (Thank you to Fog City News and their wonderful selection of bars.) Some have been great. Some only enjoyable. Recently I came across a new bar from the company that started me on this adventure. A limited edition bar called Markham Valley. This chocolate made from beans grown in Papua New Guinea is excellent. A great chocolate flavor with wonderfully subtle fruit flavors that just make it probably the best chocolate I have ever had. Seek this one out while they still have some.