Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ehh, its a day.

As I sit here trying my best to avoid work something springs to mind. People suck. Ok, now thats not quite right. Some people are just great. Fantastic even. But then there are others out there that just seem to hurt people without meaning to. I'm not going to get all weird about how someone has hurt me because in the last few days everything has been pretty good for me. But time and again I hear about someone doing someone wrong and it just pisses me off.

Oh well. Maybe the alien invasion will happen today and I'll have something better to think about.

And go see a movie. I know they are expensive now, but its still something worth doing. I might have to do that myself if I can avoid the patrolling hoards of users.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Travel....and the Weather

I have had a whirlwind couple weeks. New York City, Sacramento, Lebanon. I'm a world traveler lately. Ok, it was only Lebanon, Oregon. Its still not my desk where I spend all the rest of my time.

Ok and now for my political report. Politicians are nuts. Stay tuned for weather after this brief announcement.

Paid for by me. I approve this message.

Welcome back. Weather is normal. Yep you heard me. Weather is normal. We have it every day. And any politician that uses the weather to advance their personal political agenda should be burned at the stake, or at least should have to buy me a steak every time I have to hear them blather on and on.