Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diet Root Beer

There is something wrong with Diet Root Beer. It doesn't taste like other diet sodas. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. I hate the taste of most diet sodas. But it is missing the happy feeling that a regular Root Beer gives you. Its a very subtle thing. I get the feeling that it wants to be something else. Not Root Beer, and definitely not diet anything. Maybe it wants to be an accountant.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Election '09

I started to write a small essay on the positives and negatives about the candidates. That quickly got out of hand. I then started to jot down a scientific analysis of the issues and related costs to each candidates proposed programs. HAHAHAHAHA like that is even easier. Everyone knows that most of the campaign promises won't come to fruition. So I finally decided to just come out and declare my support for a candidate. Ummmm, yeah.

I would like to declare that it is time to search for some new candidates. None of the candidates for any position I know of are worthy of the jobs they seek. Well ok, I shouldn't say that. Their campaigns have made them all look like they are not the right people for the job. I want to hear from the candidates, not a speach writing commitee.

I have always had a core belief when it comes to elections. I will only vote FOR something. I don't vote against something. I can't vote for one guy just because he is less revolting than their competitor. I vote to leave any initiative alone unless it is for some kind of change that I completely support. (Thats usually hard because I have to read carefully to make sure if a No or a Yes means "leave it alone".) I am not afraid to leave a box unchecked. I have the right to leave it unchecked. I am still voting.

One closing note try and stop my rambling. When actors declare their support for a candidate, I lose respect for both the actor and the candidate. Unless the actor has some involvement with an issue I just don't care what their opinion is. I want to hear experts. I know its a petty thing for me. I realize that a lot of actors have a ton of time to research these things and are quite possibly more educated on some problems than I am. But why should I care? I didn't care when you ran over the photographer. I didn't care when you bought some huge house. I didn't care when you adopted some chiild from a distant land. I only care that you are there to entertain me on occasion. Thats what you get the big checks for.

Its's 2:45 in the morning. Someone save me from these politicians.