Monday, March 1, 2010

What Do We Do Now?

Keith and The Girl's Smart Answers to Your Stupid Relationship Questions

Finally, a modern relationship book for the modern relationship.
Keith and The Girl’s What Do We Do Now? is an R-rated, utterly honest Q&A book culled from the best and funniest questions posed by Keith and The Girl devotees. Perfect for everyone tired of boring and tried-and-not-so-true relationship advice.

I have been an avid listener of the Keith and the Girl podcast for about 5 years. In between news of Celebrity Antics & poignant discussions of modern society there have been many discussions of relationships. Keith & Chemda have collected many of the relationship questions they have been asked over the years and have written a book to help the masses that haven't spent 5 years with headphones plugged into their head.

The book is available at booksellers everywhere. Online, Large Megastores, small independant shops, and is available on request from shady characters in dark alleys.

Head over to to take a look at a preview chapter.