Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney buys LucasFilm: My Initial Opinion

Everyone has been asking my opinion on Disney buying LucasFilm and making more Star Wars movies. (At least 2 people. I know. Crazy.)  I realize I have been opinionated about this in the past, but now I am hesitant to say much.

Disney can restore Star Wars to the beloved series that it is if:

  1. Cut CGI by 90%. Make sets. Use Models. Use actors. Even use puppets. The magical quality of the original movies was that everything looked real because it was. 
  2. Make the Thrawn Trilogy into the next movies (please lock the ideas George has been retooling for years in a box and place it under the next theme park). 
  3. Stop making toy designs first. Make a quality movie and the toys will sell themselves for years. Otherwise you have to keep making new content just to sell a toy that will only sell for a few months.
This could be the best thing ever for Star Wars or the  final nail in the coffin. Either way I will be happy. I will get quality content or I will be able to finally forget the entire series.

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